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Fixture Information

Gwent Legue entries will be taken for the first fixture at Cardiff on the day in the normal way. However, this event also part of the British Athletics Cross Challenge, a series of 5 matches around the UK. If you want your position to score in the Cross-Challenge you need to enter that in advance.

If you think you might be able to host the second fixture, please contact Derek Osborne. You might like to see our Guide to Staging a Fixture

Saturday 16th October 2021 Llandaff Fields, Cardiff Course Map - TBD Timetable - TBD
13th or 14th November 2021 Fixture 2 - TBD
Saturday 4th December 2021 Pembrey Country Park
Saturday 19th February 2022 Blaise Castle, Bristol
Saturday 19th March 2022 Singleton Park, Swansea