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Fixture information 2016-2017

Results of fixtures 2016-2017

11/10/15 - Newbridge Fields, Bridgend

08/11/15 - Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

05/12/15 - Blaise Castle, Bristol

13/02/16 - Monmouth Showground

05/03/16 - Brecon Leisure Centre, Penlan

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Past Winners of the Gilbert Legge Award

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The AGM will be held at the Bridgend AC club house on Friday the 2nd June 2017. Please arrive at 7 for 7:30pm start.


Minutes from 2016 AGM

Officials and dates for 2017-18

There has been a proposal that the first Gwent League Fixture be combined with the Cardiff Cross Challenge. The final details are being discussed. The proposal from Cardiff Cross Challenge and Welsh Athletics is Here

Some notes regarding the proposal from the Gwent League are Here

Items for discussion and for the agenda to be with the Secretary by Friday the 5th May 2017.

Please note that No items from 'Any Other Business' can be voted on at the AGM


The awards for the 2016-2017 season are here:



Overall Junior Club - Cardiff AAC

Some of these awards may already have been posted or handed over.

Would one member of each club with an award winner or team winner, please contact John Collins to arrange collection or delivery of these awards. John can be contacted on E-mail or by telephone on 01792 206119. Alternatively the awards can be collected at the AGM - likely to be early June 2017.

2017-2018 Season

The AGM is provisionally 2 June 2017
The recommended weekends for league fixtures are:
October 2017 14/15
November 2017 11/12
Decenber 2017 2/3
February 2018 10/11
March 2018 3/4
If your club or organisation wish to bid to host any of these fixtures please contact an official ideally as soon as possible.
John Collins is not standing as Awards officer - He will mentor a successor - please contact him as above.


After several years of service to the league as announcer John Griffiths has decided to retire.
If you are willing to act as announcer at our fixtures, if possible using your own equipment please contact any officer of the league.

The League still needs hosts and venues for the final two matches of the season. Any club willing to assist should contact any League officer.

The League has been advised by England Athletics that they may make spot checks at matches to try and ensure that all athletes (over 13) competing have current UKA registration. In the past we have left it to Clubs to self-enforce but it may be that to meet the League's responsibility in this respect that in the future we have to modify our team declaration forms to include athlete's registration numbers.

Please note that the fees for 2016-2017 season are:
Club affiliation - £25 per season - payable before the first fixture
Senior athlete match fee - £4 per fixture
Junior athlete match fee (under 20) - £1 per fixture


The AGM of the League was held on Friday 22 July 2016.
Here is information regarding the 2016-2017 season. Please read it all.


Fixture Dates and Venues:
Sunday 16 October 2016 - Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
Saturday 12 November 2016 - Brecon Leisure Centre, Penlan
Saturday 3 December 2016 - Blaise Castle, Bristol
Weekend 11/12 February 2017 - TBA
Weekend 4/5 March 2017 - TBA

Male Masters over 65:
Male Masters over 65 can run with the Senior Women. This allows all men over 65 to have team competition. It also aids the selectors for international selection.
Men over the age of 65 can choose to run in the senior men's race but they will only count as M55.
Please see the Rules of Competition for the definition of a team for awards.

Officials:We still need officials to help with the running of the League. For technical officials wishing to upgrade we can provide help.

Slow Runners: Please note the following sentence from the Rules for Competition regarding slow runners. 'At the discretion of the Race Referee (in consultation with the Chief Timekeeper and/or First Aid providers), slow competitors exceeding twice the time of the race winner and/or an excessive distance behind the preceding competitor are liable to be discounted from results (position and time) and may be asked to withdraw from the race.'

Sheila Crump award to a volunteer:
Fred Malkin - Barry and Vale

Gilbert Legge award to a club for Sportsmanship, Endeavour and Achievement:
Avon Valley Runners
These awards will be made at the first fixture - if this is not convenient, please contact John Collins.

Committee: Derek Williams has stepped down as League Treasurer. We extend our thanks for his 12 years service.
John Davies (Port Talbot Harriers) has kindly taken over from Derek - Many thanks John.
The organising committee is as follows:
Chair - John Collins
Vice Chair - Arthur Davies
Secretary - Roland Sherwood
Treasurer - John Davies
Statistician - Jeff Aston
Safety Officer - Derek Williams
Minutes Secretary/Committee Member - Pat Sherwood
Officials Coordinator/Committee Member - Geraint Torrington
Officials Representatives - Arthur Davies and David Jones
President and Vice President 2016-2017
President - Pat Gallagher
Vice-President - Jeff Aston

Here are some notes for Team Managers - please help us by reading and following them.

Please download a current version of the declaration form if you want to complete it before the fixture - it has details of the new Masters age groups and other information.
Seniors: Please make a separate declaration for men and women. A declaration form can cover all masters and under 23 age groups. Please also indicate the age groups (Masters and Under 23) of your athletes on the declaration form and results envelope.
Juniors: Please only declare one age group on a declaration form.
All Please be consistent (both between declaration and results and between fixtures) when completing athletes' names.

Start Fitness are helping the League by providing flags, tape and marshal bibs. In addition they will offer discount on online orders from their two websites with the code GwentXCSF10 and with the code GwentXC
Or click the logos at the top of this page.



Juniors - The athlete's age is as at 1 September prior to the race.

Universities - Please only record the discs that ARE IN YOUR ENVELOPE. If the athlete is also representing their first claim club their disc will be in that envelope.

Seniors - Please record age groups on the result envelope i.e. Masters age group or Under 23

All athletes - Please apply some consistency with athletes names (in particular their forenames). This will help to maintain cumulative scores. e.g. Elizabeth and Lizzie may be scored as DIFFERENT athletes.


Please note that it is a requirement of the league that race fees are either pre-paid or paid on the day. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of points.

Please also be reminded that abuse of any kind to officials, competitors or spectators will not be tolerated and may also result on the loss of points if the perpertrators are identified.

Athletes representing First Claim clubs and Universities

Athletes who are first claim members of athletics clubs within the catchment area who are also eligible to represent their University must do the following:
* Wear their first-claim club vest when competing
* Be declared for their club and indicate their University
* Be declared for their University on a separate form
* Ensure that the result disc is in their club envelope
* Note on the result envelope that they wish to count for their university
* Team Managers - PLEASE only record the discs that are in the envelope!

This information will be posted int the Rules of Competition shortly.

There will be a University Division within the Senior Men and Senior Women competitions.

First Claim athletes from outside the catchment area will be able to compete for their university as before.


There is still a large number of team managers handing in envelopes without their club name on - this is not helpful!!
It would be an idea to complete this detail as soon as you collect your envelopes!!
Please also indicate the age group of athletes in the senior races.

We are still short of volunteers to help the League run smoothly. If you can help in any capacity please contact any of the League officials.


Updated 26 July 2016