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11/10/15 - Newbridge Fields, Bridgend

08/11/15 - Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

05/12/15 - Blaise Castle, Bristol

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Fixture details for the fourth fixture at Monmouth Showground are now available.

Provisional results are now available for ALL age groups for the third fixture.

Thanks for you patience!

Would a representative of each of the following clubs PLEASE contact the League Treasurer as soon as possible
Caerleon R.C.
Team Bath
Celtic Tri
Clevedon AC
Cwm Ogwr Running Club
Rhondda Valley R.C
University of Swansea AC
Derek Williams can be contacted on E-mail or by phone 07817 593867.

Would Team managers and athletes remember that Cross Country is a non-contact sport. We do not expect athletes to tangle with each other on the course. If the athletes concerned repeat their behaviour they will BOTH be disqualified.

Here are some notes for Team Managers - please help us by reading and following them.

Please download a current version of the declaration form if you want to complete it before the fixture - it has details of the new Masters age groups and other information.
Seniors: Please make a separate declaration for men and women. A declaration form can cover all masters and under 23 age groups. Please also indicate the age groups (Masters and Under 23) of your athletes.
Juniors: Please only declare one age group on a declaration form.
All Please be consistent when completing athletes' names.

The fourth fixture of the season will be held at Monmouth Showground, Monmouth on 13 February 2016.

The remaining fixtures are:

Saturday 13 February 2016 - Monmouth Showground, Monmouth
Saturday 5 March 2016 - Brecon Leisure Centre, Penlan
Start Fitness are helping the League by providing flags, tape and marshal bibs. In addition they will offer discount on online orders from their two websites with the code GwentXCSF10 and with the code GwentXC
Or click the logos at the top of this page.


The AGM of the League was held on Friday 29 May.
Here is information regarding the 2015-2016 season. Please read it all.

Fixture Dates and Venues:
Sunday 11 October 2015 - Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
Sunday 8 November 2015 - Llandaff Fields, Cardiff
Saturday 5 December 2015 - Blaise Castle, Bristol
Weekend 13/14 February 2016 - Abergavenny (TBC)
Saturday 5 March 2016 - Brecon Leisure Centre, Penlan(TBC)

Masters Age Groups and Team Sizes:
Masters age groups for men and women are brought into line. The age groups will be:
Over 35 - 5 to score for teams
Over 45 - 4 to score for teams
Over 55 - 3 to score for teams
Over 65 - 2 to score for teams
Please see the Rules of Competition for the definition of a team for awards.
We will need the help of ALL Team Managers of Senior Teams to help to make this work.

Sheila Crump award to a volunteer:
Neil Miller - Westbury Harriers
Gilbert Legge award to a club for Sportsmanship, Endeavour and Achievement:
Brecon Athletic Club
These awards will be made during next season.

Committee: The organising Committee is unchanged. Geraint Torrington of Westbury Harriers was co-opted onto the Committee.
Please note that Derek Williams has given his intention to step down as Treasurer after the 2015/2016 season. We desperately need a successor!

President and Vice President 2015-2017
President - Pat Gallagher
Vice-President - Jeff Aston

We are desparately short of officials and volunteers (particularly for Registration). If you feel you can help in any way please contact any officer of the league.

John Collins is still in posession of an award from 2014/2015 season. Please contact him to arrange handover or postage or collection at Bridgend.
E-mail or 01792 206119.

Taunton AC                      - Medal - J Davies


Juniors - The athlete's age is as at 1 September prior to the race.

Universities - Please only record the discs that ARE IN YOUR ENVELOPE. If the athlete is also representing their first claim club their disc will be in that envelope.

Seniors - Please record age groups on the result envelope i.e. Masters age group or Under 23

All athletes - Please apply some consistency with athletes names (in particular their forenames). This will help to maintain cumulative scores. e.g. Elizabeth and Lizzie may be scored as DIFFERENT athletes.


Please note that it is a requirement of the league that race fees are either pre-paid or paid on the day. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of points.

Please also be reminded that abuse of any kind to officials, competitors or spectators will not be tolerated and may also result on the loss of points if the perpertrators are identified.

Athletes representing First Claim clubs and Universities

Athletes who are first claim members of athletics clubs within the catchment area who are also eligible to represent their University must do the following:
* Wear their first-claim club vest when competing
* Be declared for their club and indicate their University
* Be declared for their University on a separate form
* Ensure that the result disc is in their club envelope
* Note on the result envelope that they wish to count for their university
* Team Managers - PLEASE only record the discs that are in the envelope!

This information will be posted int the Rules of Competition shortly.

There will be a University Division within the Senior Men and Senior Women competitions.

First Claim athletes from outside the catchment area will be able to compete for their university as before.


There is still a large number of team managers handing in envelopes without their club name on - this is not helpful!!
It would be an idea to complete this detail as soon as you collect your envelopes!!
Please also indicate the age group of athletes in the senior races.

We are still short of volunteers to help the League run smoothly. If you can help in any capacity please contact any of the League officials.


Updated 23 November 2015