Gwent Cross Country League

Gwent Cross Country League

Fixture information 2014-2015

Results of fixtures 2014-2015

     1.   12/10/14 - Newbridge Fields, Bridgend

     2.   09/11/14 - Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

     3.   06/12/14 - Brecon Leisure Centre, Penlan

     4.   08/02/15 - Blaise Castle, Bristol

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The AGM of the League will be held at the Bridgend Athletic Club clubhouse on Friday 29 May. The meeting will start at 7:30 and light refreshments will be available from 7pm.

It is desirable that your club/school/organisation is represented at the meeting.

We wish to draw your attention the following item on the Welsh Athletics website concerning the subject of changes to the age groups for younger athletes. Scheduled for 2016 it will, if implemented, have a major effect on Cross country for athletes up to age of 20/21. The subject will be an Agenda item at the AGM so please read the details and make your comments. The Gwent Cross Country League may make a formal submission to UK Athletics.

Details here

. The agenda for the AGM will be posted here soon. We hope to see as many of you as possible.


Many thanks to Jeremy Horton and members of Aberdare Valley Athletic Club for their efforts at our proposed final fixture at the Dare Valley Country Park on 1 March.
Unfortunately, the conditions made the course unsafe in parts and with safety in mind the difficult decision to abandon the fixture was made.
We appreciate the disappointment that this caused but we are sure that you will understand why it was done.


All awards for the season will be made based on the scores after the first four fixtures. Senior award winners are shown here:


For senior awards, individual athletes can only win one award.
If there is a situation where athlete could get an award in more than one category the following rules apply:
- Highest position
- Youngest age group.

Senior Men

1 P Matthews	        Swansea
2 J McKenna		Bristol an West
3 R Weeks		Bristol and West
4 J Davis		Taunton

Male Veterans over 40

1 H Evans		Les Croupiers
2 S Simms		Micky Morris
3 L Aherne		Parc Bryn Bach

Male Veterans over 50

1 I Lloyd		Swansea
2 P Coles		Pontypridd
3 S Davis		Pont-y-Pwl

Male Veterans over 60

1 E Lepore		Les Croupiers
2 T Hutchison	        Team Bath
3 R Evans		Les Croupiers

Male Veterans over 70

1 G Orme		Carmarthen
2 T Jefferies		Westbury
3 M James		Les Croupiers

Males Under 23

1 R Boorman		Aberdare
2 D Chesworth	        Cardiff Metropolitan University
3 O Stepney		Swansea University

Senior Women

1 K Matthews	        Chepstow
2 C Lee		        Westbury
3 N Gething		Parc Bryn Bach
4 E Ferguson	        Pontypridd

Female Veterans over 35

1 C Beatty		Les Croupiers
2 C Jolliffe		Bristol and West
3 K Prior		Wells City

Female Veterans over 45

1 A Nixon		Forest of Dean
2 L Summers		Pont-y-Pwl
3 B Tucker		Brecon

Female Veterans over 55

1 A James		Les Croupiers
2 P Williams		Port Talbot
3 J Scholey		Les Croupiers

Female Veterans over 65

1 C Johnson		Les Croupiers
2 S Adkins		Caerleon 

Females Under 23

1 M McBrien		Cardiff University
2 C Evans		Pontypridd
3 A Tennant		Swansea University


Senior Men Division 1

1 Bristol and West
2 Swansea
3 Les Croupiers

Senior Men Division 2

1 Aberdare
2 Cardiff Metropolitan University

Senior Men Division 3

1 Pontypridd
2 Pont-y-Pwl

Senior Men Division 4

1 Micky Morris
2 Forest of Dean

Senior Men ‘B’ Team Division

Bristol and West

Senior Men Reserve Division

Bristol and West ‘C’

Male Veterans over 40

1 Les Croupiers
2 Westbury

Male Veterans over 50

1 Les Croupiers
2 Les Croupiers ‘B’

Male Veterans over 60

1 Les Croupiers
2 Great Western Runners

Males Under 23

1 Cardiff University
2 Swansea University

Male University

1 Cardiff Metropolitan University

Senior Women Division 1

1 Bristol and West
2 Westbury
3 Cardiff University

Senior Women Division 2

1 Swansea University
2 Lliswerry

Senior Women Division 3

1 Pontypridd
2 Fairwater

Senior Women Reserve Division

Bristol and West

Female Veterans over 35

1 Bristol and West
2 Westbury

Female Veterans over 45

1 Bristol and West
2 Les Croupiers

Female Veterans over 55

1 Les Croupiers
2 Forest of Dean

Females under 23

1 Cardiff University
2 Swansea University

Female University

Cardiff University


George Crump Trophy
Cardiff AAC are again the leading overall junior club in the Gwent Cross country League.

Other placings:
2 North Somerset
3 Westbury Harriers
4 Carmarthen Harriers
5 Cardiff Archers
Please contact John Collins to arrange delivery/handover details etc.
by E-mail

John will be at the following:
Officials Conference 7 March
Swansea University 5k 14 March
West Wales Primary schools CC 19 March
Welsh road Relays 22 March
Swansea Open T & F 25 March
Inter county Schools CC 26 March
West Glamorgan CC League 29 March

Any awards not collected by the end of March will be available at the AGM on 29 May.


All entry fees taken on the day will be refunded. A number of clubs have had their fees repaid. If you have not, please send your receipt to:
Derek Williams, 1 Powys Gardens, Dinas Powis, Cardiff CF64 4LP

Pre-paid entries will not be charged to your account so do not need to be claimed back.


We will refund bus and coach travel for clubs if you send your receipt of payment to:
Derek Williams, 1 Powys Gardens, Dinas Powis, Cardiff CF64 4LP


The League AGM will be held at Bridgend A.C. clubhouse on 29 May.

One of the main issues to be discussed/resolved is that of more volunteers.
We need help in all of the following:
Computerisation of Results
Timekeeping and recording

If these positions are not filled there will be no League.

--------------------------------------------------------- Please still note the following request:

Would Miss S. K. Dennis of CLEVEDON A.C. or the Treasurer of CLEVEDON A.C. please contact the League Treasurer by E-mail



Juniors - The athlete's age is as at 1 September prior to the race.

Universities - Please only record the discs that ARE IN YOUR ENVELOPE. If the athlete is also representing their first claim club their disc will be in that envelope.

Seniors - Please record age groups on the result envelope i.e. Masters age group or Under 23

All athletes - Please apply some consistency with athletes names (in particular their forenames). This will help to maintain cumulative scores. e.g. Elizabeth and Lizzie may be scored as DIFFERENT athletes.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on 30 May 2014.

The main points arising from the meeting are:

1. The First fixture will be held on Sunday 12 October at Newbridge Fields, Bridgend.

2. The fee to a club hosting a fixture has been increased to £450. We are still looking for bids to host fixtures for 2014-15
The dates are:
Weekend 8/9 November 2014
Weekend 6/7 December 2014
Weekend 7/8 February 2015
Weekend 28 February/1 March 2015

3. We will welcome officials from clubs in particular those who do not host a fixture.

4. Please ensure that Club contact details are maintained accurately on club and regional websites.

5. We wish to re-iterate the rule (shown in Rules for competition) regarding slow runners.

6. Gordon and Rose Johnson have now retired from officiating at League Meetings. We thank them for all their work over many years and wish them well in the future.

7. There was a proposal to make an award (probably a printed t-shirt) to athletes finishing in the top percentage (probably 10%) of the field (or top positions for smaller fields) at any League fixture.
Before we implement the scheme, we wish to acertain the interest in this idea - please E-mail your thoughts.

8. The awards for the Volunteer of the Year (Sheila Crump Award) and the Gilbert Legge Award will be presented at the first fixture of next season.

Please note that it is a requirement of the league that race fees are either pre-paid or paid on the day. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of points.

Please also be reminded that abuse of any kind to officials, competitors or spectators will not be tolerated and may also result on the loss of points if the perpertrators are identified.

Athletes representing First Claim clubs and Universities

Athletes who are first claim members of athletics clubs within the catchment area who are also eligible to represent their University must do the following:
* Wear their first-claim club vest when competing
* Be declared for their club and indicate their University
* Be declared for their University on a separate form
* Ensure that the result disc is in their club envelope
* Note on the result envelope that they wish to count for their university
* Team Managers - PLEASE only record the discs that are in the envelope!

This information will be posted int the Rules of Competition shortly.

There will be a University Division within the Senior Men and Senior Women competitions.

First Claim athletes from outside the catchment area will be able to compete for their university as before.


There is still a large number of team managers handing in envelopes without their club name on - this is not helpful!!
It would be an idea to complete this detail as soon as you collect your envelopes!!
Please also indicate the age group of athletes in the senior races.

We are still short of volunteers to help the League run smoothly. If you can help in any capacity please contact any of the League officials.


Updated 12 March 2015