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Gwent League Fixtures 1963-2020

Our thanks go to Jeff Aston for transcribing all of these fixture dates and venues from original lists, and to various contributors for their memories. If you can contribute your own memories for particular fixtures, or if you know any of the missing dates and venues (back in the 1960s), please Let Us Know. If you have any archive photographs of classic league moments, we would also love to see them.

Season Fixture Date Venue
Notes (Hover over Memories for More) Contributors to memories: Derek Osborne (DO), Hedydd Davies (HD), Mick McGeogh (McG), Neil Miller (NM), Pat Gallagher (PG), Pete Morris (PM). If you can contribute, please email your recollections, address above.
1963-1964 1 26-Oct-1963 Prescoed
Memories McG: For this season only, the league was known as the Pontypool & District League, and the venues reflect this.
2 30-Nov-1963 Gilwern
Thanks! NM: A big thank you to Mick McGeogh for searching through historic copies of Athletics Weekly to fill in the dates and venues 1963-1969
3 25-Jan-1964 Mamhilad
4 15-Feb-1964 Beachley
5 14-Mar-1964 Prescoed
1964-1965 1 31-Oct-1964 Cardiff Uni
2 21-Nov-1964 Pontypool Park
3 30-Jan-1965 Beachley
4 20-Mar-1965 Prescoed
1965-1966 1 16-Oct-1965 Gilwern
Memories PM: My first race (I think) was at Gilwern in October 1965 and, in over 100 races, there were many courses - like Singleton, Weston, Exeter and Heath Park - which I always enjoyed running.
2 09-Nov-1965 Newport
3 27-Nov-1965 Cardiff (Llanrumney)
4 29-Jan-1966 Beachley
5 19-Feb-1966 Cardiff (Roath)
1966-1967 2 19-Nov-1966 Cardiff (Blackweir)
Note McG: First fixture not known
3 17-Dec-1966 Newport
4 28-Jan-1967 Beachley
1967-1968 1 07-Oct-1967 Gilwern
2 04-Nov-1967 Cardiff (Llanrumney)
3 27-Jan-1968 Beachley
4 17-Feb-1968 Newport
1968-1969 1 02-Nov-1968 Prescoed
2 07-Dec-1968 Bridgend
3 25-Jan-1969 Beachley
4 15-Feb-1969 Newport
1969-1970 1 18-Oct-1969 Newport
2 01-Nov-1969 Bridgend
Memories PM: I appreciate that current health & safety considerations mean that the bridge over the river Ogmore is a particular concern but my view on the course used at Bridgend in recent years is not as challenging as the one used 40/50 years ago, which incorporated the hill and fields on the other side of the river.
3 06-Dec-1969 Prescoed
4 24-Jan-1970 Gilwern
1970-1971 1 17-Oct-1970 Bridgend
Memories McG: My first participation was in the Boys race at Newbridge Fields, Bridgend in October 1970 (for Barry Boys Comp). I always hated Bridgend - far too muddy, especially when the local farmer ploughed his fields, seemingly for us. But that's why the league is so good - 5 very different races, different conditions, something for everyone. I believe I have completed 190 races and 1 DNF over 50 seasons.
2 07-Nov-1970 Cwmbran
3 05-Dec-1970 Hereford
4 23-Jan-1971 Beachley
1971-1972 1 16-Oct-1971 Swansea
2 06-Nov-1971 Cwmbran
3 04-Dec-1971 Cardiff
4 22-Jan-1972 Beachley
5 25-Mar-1972 Bridgend
1972-1973 1 14-Oct-1972 Cwmbran
2 04-Nov-1972 Bridgend
3 02-Dec-1972 Swansea
4 03-Feb-1973 Llanrumney
5 17-Mar-1973 Blaise Castle
1973-1974 1 13-Oct-1973 Bridgend
2 03-Nov-1973 Cwmbran
3 01-Dec-1973 Swansea
4 02-Feb-1974 Llanrumney
5 16-Mar-1974 Blaise Castle
1974-1975 1 12-Oct-1974 Bridgend
2 02-Nov-1974 Cwmbran
3 07-Dec-1974 Swansea
4 01-Feb-1975 Bristol
5 15-Mar-1975 Pontypool Park
1975-1976 1 11-Oct-1975 Swansea
2 01-Nov-1975 Bridgend
3 06-Dec-1975 Cwmbran
4 07-Feb-1976 Blaise Castle
5 20-Mar-1976 Pontypool Park
1976-1977 1 09-Oct-1976 Cwmbran
Memories McG: Very few people had heard of the (21 year old) winner, but they soon found out a lot more: 1. Steve Jones (Swindon) 30:16; 2. Ted Turner (Bristol) 30:34; 3. Ali Cole (Swansea) 30:37; 4. Tony Milosorov (Tipton) 30:49; 5. Peter Ratcliffe (Cardiff) 31:01; 6. Bernie Hayward (Cardiff) 31:04; 7. Dave Hopkins (Newport) 31:08; 8. Malcolm Firth (Univ College Cardiff) 31:15; 9. Fred Bell (Cleddau) 31:21; 10. George Blackburn (Westbury) 31:25; 11. Dave James (Cardiff) 31:26; 12. Rod Cornish (Westbury) 31:30; 13. Andrew Darby (Cwmbran) 31:39; 14. Bill Valentine (Westbury) 31:45; ...
2 06-Nov-1976 Pontypool Park
Cwmbran Continued ... 15. John Theophilus (Swansea) 31:55; 16. Ian Kellie (Westbury) 32:05; 17. Dai Flynn (Swansea) 32:09; 18. Tony Davies (RRoW) 32:15; 19. Paul Darney (Cardiff) 32:26; 20. Colin Mattock (Bristol) 32:31; 21. Mike Lane (Cwmbran) 32:37; 22. Michael Ligema (Aberystwyth) 32:40; 23. Jeff Bartley (Cardiff) 32:42; 24. Chris Myers (Bridgend) 32:55; 25. Mick McGeoch (Barry) 33:02. 163 FINISHED. TEAMS: (5 to score); 1. Cardiff 763; 2. Westbury 751; 3. Swansea 736
3 04-Dec-1976 Swansea
4 05-Feb-1977 Blaise Castle
5 12-Mar-1977 Bridgend
1977-1978 1 08-Oct-1977 Cwmbran
2 29-Oct-1977 Bridgend
3 03-Dec-1977 Blaise Castle
Memories PG: I think I ran my first Gwent in 1977 a very unfit Pat. From then I ran the Gwent every XC season
4 04-Feb-1978 Pontypool Park
5 11-Mar-1978 Swansea
1978-1979 1 07-Oct-1978 Bridgend
2 28-Oct-1978 Blaise Castle
3 02-Dec-1978 Swansea
4 03-Feb-1979 Llantarnam
5 10-Mar-1979 Llantarnam
1979-1980 1 06-Oct-1979 Bishop Vaughan School
2 27-Oct-1979 Blaise Castle
3 01-Dec-1979 Llantarnam
4 12-Jan-1980 Bridgend
5 01-Mar-1980 Swansea
1980-1981 1 04-Oct-1980 Bridgend
Photograph Attached The Neath Harriers team at Bridgend
The Neath Harriers team at Bridgend
2 25-Oct-1980 Bristol
3 05-Dec-1980 Beachley
4 07-Feb-1981 Barry
5 14-Mar-1981 Swansea
1981-1982 1 03-Oct-1981 Barry
2 24-Oct-1981 Blaise Castle
Memories HD: My best performance was in October 1981 when as a veteran I finished 14th overall in the senior race at Blaise Castle, Bristol. That evening I drove up to Llanberis and the following morning finished ninth in the first Snowdonia marathon.
3 05-Dec-1981 Tredegar Park
4 06-Feb-1982 Bridgend
5 13-Mar-1982 Swansea
1982-1983 1 02-Oct-1982 Blaise Castle
2 30-Oct-1982 Barry
3 04-Dec-1982 Beachley
4 05-Feb-1983 Bridgend
5 12-Mar-1983 Cardiff
1983-1984 1 01-Oct-1983 Barry
2 29-Oct-1983 Blaise Castle
3 26-Nov-1983 Swansea
4 04-Feb-1984 Bridgend
Memories PG: My favourite was the old Bridgend course followed by the old Blaise course both very testing. Always wanted to walk at the of the recently ploughed field at Bridgend but the team manager always stood at the top behind the hedge to scream at me!!
5 17-Mar-1984 Cardiff
1984-1985 1 06-Oct-1984 Cardiff
2 27-Oct-1984 Blaise Castle See video page!
3 24-Nov-1984 Barry
4 02-Feb-1985 Bristol
5 16-Mar-1985 Swansea
Certificate of Achievement Ross Moore's certificate as an Under 11 (and he's still involved!)
Ross Moore's Gwent League Certificate as an under 11 - and he's still involved!
1985-1986 1 05-Oct-1985 Cardiff - Heath Park
Memories HD: In 1985 I got Carmarthen Harriers to be seriously involved in the Gwent Cross Country League and as the Harriers chairman (1981-2018) organised from 1985 onwards all the Carmarthen and District Harriers Athletics teams at all the Gwent League matches as well as organising five Gwent League matches at the United Counties showground at Nantyci, Carmarthen. In that period I did not miss a single Gwent League race.
2 26-Oct-1985 Bristol
3 30-Nov-1985 Cardiff - Fairwater
4 08-Feb-1986 Barry
Memories PG: Race I remember most was at Barry 1986. [My daughter] Lynne won the novice girls race and I won the senior ladies. NM: At the final fixture at Swansea, Pat won overall lady and vet, while daughter Lynne finished runner up novice girl.
5 15-Mar-1986 Swansea
1986-1987 1 04-Oct-1986 Barry
2 25-Oct-1986 Cardiff - Fairwater
3 29-Nov-1986 Blaise Castle
4 07-Feb-1987 Swansea
5 14-Mar-1987 Cardiff - Heath Park
1987-1988 1 03-Oct-1987 Swansea
2 24-Oct-1987 Blaise Castle
3 28-Nov-1987 Barry
4 06-Feb-1988 Cardiff - Fairwater
5 12-Mar-1988 Cardiff - Heath Park
1988-1989 1 08-Oct-1988 Cardiff - Heath Park
2 29-Oct-1988 Barry
3 26-Nov-1988 Weston-super-Mare Beach
Memories NM: Organising club Weston AC took advantage of the creation of artificial sand dunes for the Weston Beach Motorcross Race to host a very unusual and challenging cross-country fixture. On the club coach for the journey home we set off after the usual head-count. A hundred metres down the road there were screams from the back 'you've left Roy Fox behind', and looking out of the back window sure enough our 84 year-old Club President was running down the prom after us! It turned out that one of the youngsters had invited a friend to come back with us, altering the numbers. Never rely on a head count!
4 04-Feb-1989 Blaise Castle
5 11-Mar-1989 Swansea
1989-1990 1 07-Oct-1989 Barry
2 28-Oct-1989 Blaise Castle
3 25-Nov-1989 Uphill, Weston-super-Mare
Memories NM: I think this was the fixture which included Bleadon Hill, making it more of a fell race that a cross-country run!
4 Heath Park, Cardiff Cancelled (Threat to Daffodils)
5 10-Mar-1990 Swansea
1990-1991 1 06-Oct-1990 Swansea
2 27-Oct-1990 Bristol
3 24-Nov-1990 Bridgend
4 02-Feb-1991 Blaise Castle
5 09-Mar-1991 Carmarthen
Memories PG: I was leading overall seniors lady at Carmarthen. It was very wet and muddy and I looked like a duck; hate wet slippery mud, I came 3rd so lost the overall - ugh! Nicky [Haines] and I still talk about that race at Carmarthen
1991-1992 1 05-Oct-1991 Swansea
2 26-Oct-1991 Bristol
3 23-Nov-1991 Carmarthen
4 01-Feb-1992 Exeter
Any photos? DO: Do we have any pics of people plunging into the stream in Exeter? On one occasion we had to run a few yards up the stream. Not quite as deep as Cantonian, Cardiff (the ski slope course!) on one occasion when there had been a fair bit of rain.
5 22-Feb-1992 Risca
1992-1993 1 24-Oct-1992 Caldicot
2 21-Nov-1992 Bristol
3 28-Nov-1992 Forest of Dean
4 13-Feb-1993 Exeter
5 20-Mar-1993 Cardiff
1993-1994 1 02-Oct-1993 St. Brides
2 30-Oct-1993 Swansea
3 27-Nov-1993 Bristol
4 19-Feb-1994 Weston
5 19-Mar-1994 Carmarthen
1994-1995 1 01-Oct-1994 St. Brides
2 29-Oct-1994 Swansea
3 26-Nov-1994 Bristol
4 04-Feb-1995 Carmarthen
5 25-Feb-1995 Aberdare
1995-1996 1 07-Oct-1995 Bridgend
2 28-Oct-1995 Aberdare
3 25-Nov-1995 Forest of Dean
4 03-Feb-1996 Blaise Castle
5 24-Feb-1996 Exeter
1996-1997 1 19-Oct-1996 Swansea
2 09-Nov-1996 Aberdare
3 30-Nov-1996 Forest of Dean
4 01-Feb-1997 Blaise Castle
5 15-Mar-1997 Bridgend
1997-1998 1 04-Oct-1997 Exeter
2 25-Oct-1997 Swansea
3 29-Nov-1997 Forest of Dean
4 07-Feb-1998 Parc Bryn Bach, Tredegar
Memories DO: The 1998 'Tredegar' fixture was at Bryn Bach Park, organised by Brecon AC! Not the course that was used in 2018 but on the North West of the park - very wet and muddy with a fairly strong wind - no change there then!
5 21-Mar-1998 Blaise Castle
Memories NM: The portaloos weren't picked up until the Sunday morning, by which time some (presumably) errant youths had burnt them down. A protracted legal case followed, which is why there were no fixtures at Blaise Castle for several years after that.
1998-1999 1 04-Oct-1998 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
2 28-Nov-1998 Bridgend
3 06-Feb-1999 Weston
4 27-Feb-1999 Aberdare
5 20-Mar-1999 Carmarthen
1999-2000 1 16-Oct-1999 Bridgend
2 06-Nov-1999 Exeter
Memories DO: One of the senior women was shot in the rear at Exeter - and when the police took the lad to his father there was apparently no blame to attach to the youth but the father wanted to sue the male runners who dragged the kid out of the bushes and handed him over to the police. We didn't go back to Exeter after that!
3 04-Dec-1999 Bristol - Hengrove
4 19-Feb-2000 Swansea
5 04-Mar-2000 Margam Park
2000-2001 1 14-Oct-2000 Dare Valley County Park Aberdare
2 04-Nov-2000 Bristol - Hengrove
3 02-Dec-2000 Bracelands Forest of Dean
4 17-Feb-2001 Bridgend
5 03-Mar-2001 Almondsbury, Bristol
Cancelled (Foot and Mouth Disease) NM: Although it affected cattle and sheep rather than humans, the 2001 UK outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease is the only event in modern times that remotely compares to the Covid-19 pandemic. Farms, footpaths, parks, and many parts of the countryside were closed for months on end. Viral plumes could carry for miles, and in the end more than 6 million cattle and sheep were slaughtered before the disease was brought under control.
2001-2002 1 13-Oct-2001 Margam Park
2 03-Nov-2001 Dare Valley County Park Aberdare
3 02-Dec-2001 Bridgend
4 02-Feb-2002 Almondsbury, Bristol
Memories DO: The farm course used the year after foot and mouth was definitely in the top 10 hardest courses!
5 16-Mar-2002 Carmarthen
2002-2003 1 13-Oct-2002 Bridgend
2 02-Nov-2002 Dare Valley County Park Aberdare
3 01-Dec-2002 University of Bath
4 01-Feb-2003 Blaise Castle
5 15-Mar-2003 Pembrey Park
2003-2004 1 12-Oct-2003 Bridgend
2 02-Nov-2003 Leckwith Stadium Cardiff
3 30-Nov-2003 University of Bath
4 10-Jan-2004 Blaise Castle
5 20-Mar-2004 Carmarthen
2004-2005 1 10-Oct-2004 Bridgend
2 31-Oct-2004 Leckwith Stadium Cardiff
3 05-Dec-2004 University of Bath
4 13-Feb-2005 Swansea
5 12-Mar-2005 Tredegar House Newport
2005-2006 1 15-Oct-2005 Leckwith Stadium Cardiff
2 06-Nov-2005 Bridgend
3 04-Dec-2005 University of Bath
4 11-Feb-2006 Blaise Castle
5 05-Mar-2006 Swansea
2006-2007 1 14-Oct-2006 Leckwith Stadium Cardiff
2 12-Nov-2006 University of Bath
3 02-Dec-2006 Blaise Castle
4 10-Feb-2007 Carmarthen Cancelled (Snow)
5 04-Mar-2007 Bridgend
2007-2008 1 13-Oct-2007 Swansea
2 11-Nov-2007 University of Bath
3 02-Dec-2007 Bridgend
4 09-Feb-2008 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
5 01-Mar-2008 Blaise Castle
2008-2009 1 12-Oct-2008 Bridgend
2 09-Nov-2008 University of Bath
3 06-Dec-2008 Blaise Castle
4 14-Feb-2009 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
5 14-Mar-2009 Carmarthen
2009-2010 1 11-Oct-2009 Bridgend
2 08-Nov-2009 University of Bath
3 06-Dec-2009 Hestercombe Gardens Taunton
4 13-Feb-2010 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
5 06-Mar-2010 Blaise Castle
2010-2011 1 10-Oct-2010 Bridgend
3 04-Dec-2010 Blaise Castle
4 12-Feb-2011 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
5 13-Mar-2011 Swansea
2011-2012 1 09-Oct-2011 Bridgend
2 13-Nov-2011 University of Bath
3 04-Dec-2011 Swansea
4 11-Feb-2012 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
5 03-Mar-2012 Blaise Castle
2012-2013 1 21-Oct-2012 Bridgend
2 10-Nov-2012 Parc de Pugh Brecon
3 01-Dec-2012 Blaise Castle
4 09-Feb-2013 University of Bath
5 02-Mar-2013 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
2013-2014 1 19-Oct-2013 Pontypool Park
Memories NM: We went back to Pontypool in 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the league; The course was hilly and made very slippery by some intense rain showers. DO: Those who didn't have spikes or fells were sliding back down one of the banks (when they were meant to be going up!). NM One runner made 4 attempts to get up the first bank, and several seniors also 'spun off' on a tight bend at the end of each lap, having no choice but to 'let go' through the spectators and down a bank.
2 10-Nov-2013 Bridgend
3 08-Dec-2013 University of Bath
4 08-Feb-2014 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
Memories NM: This now legendary event was held in a severe gale and continuous rain. No tents survived, and we were lucky that all participants did. The storm had been forecast for further east, but made a direct hit on Brecon.
5 01-Mar-2014 Blaise Castle
2014-2015 1 12-Oct-2014 Bridgend
2 09-Nov-2014 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
3 06-Dec-2014 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
4 08-Feb-2015 Blaise Castle
2015-2016 1 11-Oct-2015 Bridgend
2 08-Nov-2015 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
3 05-Dec-2015 Blaise Castle
4 13-Feb-2016 Monmouth Showground
5 05-Mar-2016 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
2016-2017 1 16-Oct-2016 Bridgend
2 12-Nov-2016 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
3 03-Dec-2016 Blaise Castle
4 12-Feb-2017 Glebelands Newport
5 04-Mar-2017 Pembrey Park
2017-2018 1 14-Oct-2017 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
2 11-Nov-2017 Penlan Leisure Centre Brecon
3 03-Dec-2017 Pembrey Park
4 11-Feb-2018 Pontypool Park
5 03-Mar-2018 Blaise Castle Cancelled (Wales snowbound)
2018-2019 1 13-Oct-2018 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
2 10-Nov-2018 Pembrey Park
3 02-Dec-2018 Parc Bryn Bach
Memories NM: This was the first time at what could have been a very scenic venue on the top of the moors, but alas it was wet and windy all day. One of the club tents was blown into the lake, where it was left abandoned.
4 09-Feb-2019 Pontypool Park
5 02-Mar-2019 Blaise Castle
2019-20 1 12-Oct-2019 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
2 09-Nov-2019 Pembrey Park
3 07-Dec-2019 Blaise Castle
4 08-Feb-2020 Chepstow Racecourse
5 01-Mar-2020 Singleton Park, Swansea
Cancelled (Course Waterlogged) NM: If it hadn't been for the pandemic sweeping over us in March, we'd remember this winter for being exceptionally wet! We had the wettest February on record, and the average winter rainfail over the UK was more than 18 inches.
2020-21 All All Fixtures Cancelled (Covid-19 Pandemic)
2021-22 1 16-Oct-2021 Cardiff - Llandaff Fields
2 14-Nov-2021 Parc de Pugh, Brecon
3 04-Dec-2021 Pembrey Country Park
4 19-Feb-2022 Blaise Castle
Memories NM: This was a day after Storm Eunice hit the UK with gusts of 50+ knots. Thankfully, only a couple of trees were down on the course, but at least one tent blew away. The ground was very soft, and not only did we have to push the ambulance out of the mud, but the day ended with a dozen senior men, having just finished their race, pushing a 3 tonne toilet block out of the mud!
5 19-Mar-2022 Singleton Park, Swansea