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The John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League

League Champions 1963-2000

Here is a list of winners and runners up from 1963 to 1996 (see below for 1996 - 2000). The category names shown are those in use up until 1993.

Category Male Roll of Honour Female Roll of Honour
U11 Novice Boys Novice Girls
U12 Junior Colts
U13 Colts Minor Girls
U15 Boys Girls
U17 Youths Intermediate Ladies
U20 Junior Men Euro Junior Ladies
Senior Senior Men Senior Ladies
Masters 40/35 Veterans (Male) Veterans (Female)
Masters 50/45 Senior Veterans (Male) Senior Veterans (Female)
Masters 60/55 Male Vet 60 Female Vet 55

1996 - 2000

The lists above were not updated after 1996, and complete results are featured elsewhere from the year 2000 onwards. Here is a list of winners and runners from 1996 to 2000 for Male athletes and teams and for Female athletes and teams.