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Declarations and Payment

See also Lost Numbers (below) and Eligibility, Guests and Individuals

Registration Of Runners

The Gwent League now uses an online registration system for both seniors and juniors. To gain access to this, team managers should email us to be set up with a username and password. There's a guide to the online registration system here, and also link to a help page when you login. If you experience any problems, please get in touch.

All potential athletes should be registered on the system (ideally with their date of birth, to make age category calculation automatic), and then allocated a number. Please make a note of which athlete has which number, either by displaying and printing all athletes details, or emailing the list to yourself. The registration system can be used right up to the race if you have mobile access. NB The league now only charges for finishers (see Fees and Clubs).

At subsequent fixtures, please remember to register any new athletes. The previously allocated numbers are re-used for returning athletes (see below for lost numbers).

On The Day (of the First Match Using Numbers)

We'll have a block of numbers for each club ready for collection at registration on the day of the first match using numbers. Please would ONE manager from each club pick up the numbers for the whole club. They should then pass on club numbers to other managers as appropriate.

Team managers should give out numbers to the corresponding athletes and keep hold of any unused numbers until the next fixture. After the race, all athletes should keep hold of their numbers for the next race. It's up to team managers whether you collect the numbers in and look after them yourself until the next fixture, or rely on the athletes to perform this complicated task. If an athlete has been allocated a number but doesn't run, team managers must keep their number in case the want to run in future races.

Lost Numbers (Known in Advance)

Please check before the day that all athletes have retained their numbers and will be bringing them. If any have lost theirs, please make a fresh entry for them on them on the registration system, and allocate them a new number from your batch. Please provide us with a list of such numbers at registration, so we can carry their points across.

Lost Numbers and Additional Runners (On the Day)

If you have mobile access to the registration system, you can make fresh entries on the day for anyone who turns up out of the blue, or discovers they have lost their number (as above).

Alternatively, we can provide spare numbers and record additional athletes at registration. However, please use this as a last resort, otherwise long queues may develop. There is more information here.

At The Finish

Each number has a barcode and, at the finish, we'll scan these. While we hope to keep pace with finishers, since this is a new system, 'backups' may occur. Please explain to your athletes that this may happen and please be patient.

We'll also use a finish line camera to record finishing order as a backup in case of any issues with barcode scanners. Recordings will not be published, and we'll delete them as soon as we have produced the results.