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The John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League

Race Results 1963-1973

At the inauguration of the league in 1963, there were race categories for 'Boys' (B15), 'Youths' (M17), Junior Men (M20) and Senior Men. A race category was added for 'Colts' (B13) in 1968.

In 1971, races were introduced for 'Girls' (G13), 'Junior Ladies' (G15), 'Intermediate Ladies' (W17) and 'Senior Ladies' (W20 and Senior Women). Because of the large numbers participating, an additional category was added for 'Junior Colts' (B12) in 1972.

These results were scanned from the booklet 'Gwent Cross-Country League, 1963-1973', compiled by Captain (Retd.) George Crump. A short history in that booklet features on the History Page.

1963-1973 Champions

    Individual Champions
    Team Champions
    Number of Participants

1972-1972 Season - Final Standings

    U13 Girls ('Girls')
    U15 Girls ('Junior Ladies')
    U17 Women ('Intermediate Ladies')
    Senior Women ('Senior Ladies')

    U12 Boys (Junior Colts)
    U13 Boys (Colts)
    U15 Boys (Boys)
    U17 Men (Youths)
    U20 Men (Junior Men)
    Senior Men