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The John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League

Eligibility, Guests and Individuals


All participants must be eligible to compete under UK Athletics Rules for Competitions. As part of this, they must comply with the anti-doping statement. They must also comply with the League's Rules for Competition.


As noted in the Rules for Competition, guests are accepted at the discretion of the League Management Committee. Guests from outside the league catchment area are always welcome, on payment of the requisite fee. For those who come from within the catchment area, we usually interpret the rules as running just once as a guest, to see what it's like, before they are expected to join a league club. If you're a member of a club that isn't part of the league, your best bet is to encourage the club to join the league! Guest runners should report to registration to obtain their number and pay their fee.

Guests are charged an additional £1 (or £2 if not affiliated to EA or WA) above the normal fee, and must pay on entry.


If an athlete changes clubs during the season, please would they or their manager contact the relevant results compiler so that their individual points are correctly corried over. As noted in the Rules for Competition, an athlete who changes club does not score points for their new club during the season. We intend to review this rule at the 2023 AGM.

Team managers should indicate 'Individual' status by ticking the corresponding check box on the registration app (on the right of the page, tab across if not visible).

UKA Anti-Doping Statement

An entrant shall be deemed to have made him/herself/their self, familiar with, and agreed to be bound by the UKA Anti-Doping Rules and to submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules.

The UKA Anti-Doping Rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of Athletics, for 12 months from the [date of entry], whether or not the licence holder is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK.